Partnership Projects

It would be impossible to describe in detail here all the work of the Partnership. The Projects on this website demonstrate just a selection of the work of the Partnership and its individual Partners. In addition to these projects there is much progress being made on a number of fronts.

In the agriculture the work of voluntary sector organisations like the Tyne-Tees Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group, and the new Environmental Stewardship schemes available to landowners through Natural England, are making a big difference to the shape of our farmed landscape.

Many local authorities are making great strides in the management of important wildlife sites, and beyond the Countryside Departments, urban planners, mineral planners, highways and grounds maintenance teams are all contributing to biodiversity.

Voluntary sector organisations such as the Durham Wildlife Trust, Great North Forest, Butterfly Conservation, the Woodland Trust and the RSPB have a very large role to play in securing and managing sites for nature conservation and in communicating with the public, and statutory agencies such as English Nature, the Environment Agency and The Forestry Commission are all key players in the strategic and site management work of the Partnership.

Area based initiatives such as the Durham Heritage Coast , the North Pennines AONB and the Mineral Valleys Project all contribute significant effort to meeting targets in the Durham BAP, and have brought significant funding for this work.

Finally, many individuals involved as volunteers in organisations such the Durham Bird Club, the Durham Bat Group, and the Durham Badger Group, many amateur local naturalists and naturalist groups and the hundreds of dedicated conservation volunteers throughout our region, are the backbone of the Partnership’s work and its achievements. They provide invaluable information on Durham ‘s wildlife, and important insight into its conservation. Thank you all.