Occassional Records

We would welcome records of any species covered by Durham Biodiversity Action Plans from members of the public. Species covered by the plans Birds Barn Owl Redshank Black Grouse Reed Bunting Corn Bunting Ring Ouzel Curlew Roseate Tern Hen Harrier Sanderling House Sparrow Skylark Lapwing Snipe Linnet Song Thrush Little Tern Spotted Flycatcher Merlin Starling […]

Making Space for Grass Snakes

The River Derwent Grass Snakes Project, funded by SITA’s Enriching Nature fund and Northumbrian Water Ltd, aims to consolidate the existing population of grass snakes by improving habitat along the river corridor. From 2007-2009 new wetland scrapes and pools will be created at several sites along the River Derwent. These will provide amphibian food for […]

Help Our Hedgehogs

A hedgehog survey in the Durham area. Researchers have discovered that hedgehog numbers are declining by approximately a fifth every 5 years, and if that rate of loss continues the hedgehog is threatened with extinction by 2025. Durham Wildlife Trust wants to Help our Hedgehogs, and to do that we first need to know where […]

A Search for Starlings

This winter we need your help to identify winter starling sites. Starling numbers have fallen by 66% in Britain since the mid-1970s, and starlings are now on the red list as a bird of high conservation concern. Reasons for this decline include changes in farming practices, changes in grassland management, loss of invertebrate food through […]

Brown Hare Survey 2009

The Brown Hare was once a very common and widespread farmland species. During the late 1800s they numbered about four million in Britain . However over the last century there has been a significant decline in population, with numbers estimated to have dropped by more than 80% over this period, the most substantial decline occurring […]