Partnership Area

Durham Biodiversity Action Plan originally covered the area of the old Vice County 66 of Durham. This boundary is used by Durham Wildlife Trust and other partners as a basis for their work and is still the administrative boundary for biological recording purposes. In 2009, Darlington Borough Council joined Tees Valley Biodiversity Partnership aligning conservation work with wider council priorities focused on delivering across the Tees Valley sub-region. Currently the action plans still include actions and targets for the Darlington area and the partnership continues to work closely with Darlington Borough Council and Tees Valley Biodiversity Partnership to deliver these.

Durham Biodiversity Action Plan now includes the local authorities of:

  • Durham County Council
  • Gateshead Council
  • City of Sunderland Council
  • South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

And the offshore area of the Durham Coast to the 12 mile limit.

Click on the map for an expanded view of the area covered by the Durham BAP.