Data & Recording

Durham Biodiversity Data Service

From 9th May 2011 Durham Biodiversity Data Service (DBDS) will be merging with Environmental Records Information Centre (ERIC) North East. For more information or for any data enquiries visit

To ensure that the correct decisions are made concerning biodiversity action, information is needed on flora, fauna and habitats. The Durham Biodiversity Data Service (DBDS) co-ordinates the sharing of data for most groups of species (except bats) and priority BAP habitats. DBDS operates on the basis of the principles established by the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), to better protect biodiversity through the sharing of high quality biodiversity data.

Data is made available free at coarse resolution to the public, but high quality, verified and current species and habitat data can be provided to ecological professionals at a charge. The Service is funded through the Biodiversity Partnership and a series of Service Level Agreements with other partners.

DBDS is based at Durham Wildlife Trust and is managed by Trust staff on behalf of the Partnership. All data and data sharing agreements are held by the Durham Wildlife Trust.

Biodiversity Action Reporting System

Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) is an online information system that supports national and local Biodiversity Partnerships plan, monitor and report on their achievements. It allows users to track progress being made against national and local biodiversity objectives.

Durham Biodiversity Action Plan partners report on their activity towards delivering targets from the plan using BARS. This process allows the partnership to measure success, identify and address any gaps in work and highlight areas in which partners can work together. This also allows Durham BAP to report on progress made towards the national BAP targets in the local area.

If you do not have a BARS username, you can still search the BARS database to learn about the status of BAP species and habitats, and the conservation action that is underway.